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A press brake is a press used to bend, form or punch metal. It is a press that exerts a force on a set of dies. The force can be created by mechanical, hydraulic, electric or manual means.

Older systems used dies made to the angle of the bend desired. When sheet metal was pressed between the dies it took the angle of the dies when the dies bottomed. This is called bottom bending. If enough tonnage is exerted on the metal to make a sharp corner, this can also be called coining.

Most press brakes today use air bending. This is a process where a sophisticated control determines the depth that the punch or upper die extends into the lower die. Air bending takes much less tonnage than bottom bending or coining.

More complicated parts require interface with a CNC back gauge to allow the operator to more accurately position metal for forming. Our state-of-the-art precision press brakes are of a unique up-acting design in which the hydraulic cylinders in the lower beam match the deflection of the upper beam to eliminate part canoeing and deliver consistent production quality.
Our high tonnage press brakes offer a wide range of capacities for various materials.


  • Up to 1/2″ steel bending capacity.
  • Part lengths up to 16′ long.

Forming & Rolling Highlights

Equipment List
1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 450 ton, 16' bed
1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 225 Ton, 12' bed
1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 135 Ton, 8' bed
1-Wysong Press brake, 120 ton, 12' bed
1-Amada Fine-Alpha-Bender, 88 Ton, 8' bed
1-Amada Press Brake RG-100, 110 Ton, 10' bed
1-Power roll, 1/4", 6' hydraulic, initial type
1-Small Roller, 3'
2-Lock formers, 16 & 20 gauge
1-Angle channel flat bar roller, capacity 5" channel, 3" angle
1-Roller, tinsmith, 4' x 16'
1-Buffalo iron Worker, 3' x 3'
1-Knuckling machine
Materials Used
Carbon Steels
Stainless SteelCopper
Other Non Ferrous Alloys
Industries Served
Building Materials & Construction
Electrical Equipment & Electronics Commercial Display
Oil & Gas
Heating & Cooling
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