CNC Punching

Our CNC punches are state of the art. Improvements in press drive technology, machine control design, tooling, and CAD/CAM programming software are increasing the throughput capability and the overall versatility of CNC turret punch press equipment in our shop.

CNC punches have high hit rates on the mechanical ram system as a direct result of the faster axis speeds and quicker acceleration and deceleration supplied by servo systems. A mechanical ram has a fixed stroke length, which starts at the fully retracted position and finishes with the ram at the exact bottom position. This type of system is simple to program and operate. This means that we can take smaller orders and be competitive in pricing as well as fulfill larger orders.


  • 39″ x 60″ Sheet Size Capacity
  • 5052 Aluminum: 0.032″ – 0.250″ thick
  • Hot Roll Steel: Pickled & Oiled: 20 gauge – 1/4″ thick
  • Galvanized: 24 gauge – 10 gauge
  • A36 Steel: 0.1875″
  • 304 Stainless Steel: 22 gauge – 11 gauge
  • Capacity 30 Ton

CNC Punching Highlights

Equipment List 2-Amada CNC turret punch press, Pega 345Q 
2-Amada CNC punch press, OCTO
Materials Used
Carbon Steels
Stainless SteelCopper
Other Non Ferrous Alloys
Industries Served
Building Materials & Construction
Electrical Equipment & Electronics Commercial Display
Oil & Gas
Heating & Cooling

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  • CNC Punching

    CNC Punching

    CNC punches have high hit rates on the mechanical ram system as a direct result of the faster axis speeds and quicker acceleration.

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  • Programming & Engineering

    Programming & Engineering

    ABC Sheet Metal's talented sheet metal engineers and programmers leverage 2D and 3D CAD technology to deliver better designs and production.

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