Industries Served

  • Aerospace

    Our AS9100 Certification means you will get the quality parts you need for your mission critical applications.

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  • Defense

    Our ISO 9001 lean manufacturing systems allow ABC to excel at producing high value components to meet the constantly changing needs of our nation’s armed forces.

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  • Medical Industry

    ABC Sheet Metal's expertise with stainless steel and aluminum allow us to produce a wide variety of products and components used in the Medical and Healthcare industries.

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  • Oil, Gas, Solar & Wind

    We provide on- and offshore drilling rig and support equipment components.

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  • Commercial

    ABC Sheet Metal manufactures parts and assemblies used in a wide range of Commercial Display applications.

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  • Electrical Equipment & Electronics

    Our electronic equipment for OEMs includes PCB holders and brackets, electrical enclosures, equipment covers and frames, and more.

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  • Heating & Cooling

    From high temperature burner and oven assemblies, to extreme low temperature cryogenic tanks and components, ABC can meet the needs of this industry.

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  • Packaging

    We manufacture corrugated box machines, box palletizing machines, conveyors and many other types of automated handling equipment.

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  • Building Materials & Construction

    From OEM equipment parts to wall paneling and partitions, ABC Sheet Metal delivers an array of building material solutions.

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About Us

ABC Sheet Metal is one of the most diversified metal fabrication companies in Southern California. We are a full service quality-oriented manufacturing company serving over 3000 customers with a wide range of applications, from precision sheet metal to heavy plate.

Our talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen work together to provide high quality custom metal products. In order to remain competitive and responsive, we stock industry standard sizes and grades of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Please contact us today to see how we may help with your specialty sheet metal fabrication requirements.


  • Laser Cutting

    Laser Cutting

    Ideal for carbon and stainless steel sheet metal, laser cutting can deliver intricate patterns in high production runs.

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  • Forming & Rolling

    Forming & Rolling

    Our state-of-the-art precision press brakes contain a unique up-acting design to eliminate part canoeing and consistent production quality.

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  • CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

    We machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup to reduce your tooling costs.

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  • Welding


    Utilizing American Welding Society AWS standards, ABC’s certified welders and inspectors assure daily manufacturing operations are consistent and traceable.

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  • Water Jet Cutting

    Water Jet Cutting

    Comparable to laser cutting tolerances and faster than EDM machining with lower capital and operating costs, water jet cutting is also environmentally advantageous and provides many other benefits.

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  • CNC Punching

    CNC Punching

    CNC punches have high hit rates on the mechanical ram system as a direct result of the faster axis speeds and quicker acceleration.

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  • Programming & Engineering

    Programming & Engineering

    ABC Sheet Metal's talented sheet metal engineers and programmers leverage 2D and 3D CAD technology to deliver better designs and production.

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Case Studies

Fabricated Steel Hangoff Bracket for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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Fabrication of a Steel Clamshell Valve Cover for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Filter System for the Diesel Generator Industry

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Fabricated Steel Lower Door Guard for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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