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Plasma Cutting

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Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting


A cutting process used for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ideal for cutting steel and other conductive metals less than one inch thick. Manual, CNC and multi axis cutting is possible.

  • Sheet Metal
  • Pipe
  • Automobile Frames
  • Beams


Much faster than mechanical cutting and ability to easily make non-linear cuts. Can be used for aluminum and stainless steel which is not possible for oxyacetylene torches.

  • Small heat affected zone.
  • Safe - no flammable gases
  • No pre-heating required
  • Narrow kerf


A pressurized inert gas (often compressed air) is blown at a high speeds through a restricted orifice nozzle containing an electrode which generates an electrical arc ionizing the gas, forming a high temperature plasma arc The plasma arc is hot enough to effectively melt the work piece creating the cut. The high velocity pressurized gas blows away the molten material.


  • Max Cut Size 5' x 10', one head, 2 axis
  • Mild Steel up to 1/4" thick

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Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Equipment List 1-Plasma Cutter (Cybermation 700A)
Materials Used All Conductive Materials
Industries Served
Building Materials & Construction
Electrical Equipment & Electronics
Commercial Display
Oil & Gas
Heating & Cooling

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