Equipment List


1-Water Jet Cutting System (Flow I-6012 Integrated Flying Bridge)

1-Mitsubishi 3015LVplus-40CFX 4000 Watt Laser Cutting System

2-Mitsubishi Laser, 3020D, 3000 Watt Laser Cutting Systems

1-Plasma Cutter (Cybermation 700A)

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1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 450 ton, 16' bed

1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 135 Ton, 8' bed

1-Amada Fine-Alpha-Bender, 88 Ton, 8' bed

1-Cincinnati Press Brake, 225 Ton, 12' bed

1-Wysong Press brake, 120 ton, 12' bed

1-Amada Press Brake RG-100, 110 Ton, 10' bed

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Punching & Stamping

2-Amada CNC turret punch, model Pega 345Q, 58 station, 2 auto index, Fanuc 04PC control

2-Amada punch presses, model OCTO, 33 ton, 303040NCM, XY axis,30" x 60" with Fanuc controls

1-WA Whitney punch press ,60-65 ton, with misc.tooling from 1/16"-5" punches

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1-Cincinnati shear ,3/16" capacity, 12'

1-Cincinnati shear ,1/4" capacity, 12'

1-Masterfab shear ,1/2" capacity, 12'

1-Beverly shear, hand held

1-Circle shear,60", 12 gauge capacity

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Notching, Sawing, Cutting

1-Amada notcher,1/4" plate, manual, with dies

1-Plasma cutter Miller

1-WA Whitney power channel/angle/flat bar cutting machine w/table run out

1-Auto band saw

1-Chop saw

1-Marvel 2125PC Band Saw

1-Rigid pipe cutter,3"

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Rolling, Forming, Finishing

1-Montgomery plate roll, initial type,10' x 1/4", hydraulic powered lift

1-Angle channel flat bar roller, capacity 5" channel,3" angle

1-Power roll ,1/4",6' hydraulic, initial type

1-Roller,tinsmith,4' x 16'

1-Small roller ,3'

1-Buffalo iron worker ,3' x 3'

1-Timesaver sander, Model 2200, 37"

1-Knuckling machine

2-Lock formers, 16 & 20 gauge

1-Flexon buffer, flex shaft

2-Deburring machines

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1-Drill press ,power feed, floor type

1-Drill press ,power feed, floor type #33 MT

1-Drill press ,12"

1-Millright,42", vertical, powermatic, by Burke

1-Bridgeport type mill

1-Lathe,12" x 36"

1-Haas vertical machining center,30" x 20" x 20" travel

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2-TIG welders' 300 amp' by Miller

2-TIG welders'300 amp' by Airco

1-TIG welder '250 amp'by Ltech

1 Miller heliarc welder

1-TIG welder' 250 amp' Cobramatic for aluminum

1-TIG welder'250 amp' Miller Syncrowave

2-TIG welders'330 amp' by Miller

1-MIG welder' Miller' 300 amp

1-Airco wire feed

1-Miller CP300' wire feed

1-Welder Airco

1-Acme spot welder' 30" arm' water cooled' air timer

1-TRW stud welding machine

2-gas powered field welder' Miller

2-Portable welder

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1 - FARO coordinate-measuring machine (CMM). Accurate to 0.0005"

1 - Precision Granite X-70-06 36" x 48" Plate

1 - Mitutoyo 18" Height Gauge

1 - Fowler 81PCS-3397 Econ Gr. Ga. Block

1 - Set Hangda .061-.250,M-1 Gage Pins

1 - Starrett 0-1.0" Micrometer

1 - Starrett 0-6" Caliper Dial

2 - Mitutoyo 0-6" Caliper Dial

4 - Mitutoyo 0-8" Caliper Dial

4 - Mitutoyo 0-12" Caliper Dial

1 - Mitutoyo 0-.5" Mini Micrometer

6 - Mahr Federal Probe

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1-10,000 lb.overhead crane

1-2004 Mitsubishi, flatbed delivery truck

1-2000 UD,flatbed delivery truck

1-1994 Ford field service truck

1-2000 Chevy field service truck

1-Toyota forklift, 6,000 lb.

1-Datsun forklift, 6,000 lb.

1-Clark 5,000 lb. forklift

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